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About Vacuquip

Vacuquip Solutions are experts in the vacuum technology and leak detection industries. We specialise in the refrigeration production line and automotive manufacturer and supply industries and have experience and extensive knowledge in many other markets and applications.

Vacuquip Solutions was established 10 years ago. Its Directors, who founded the company and who are actively involved, have over 35 years’ experience and knowledge in the vacuum related industries.

We represent various international world market leaders within South Africa and have built these solid relationships, based on our respectable and ethical service, support and knowledge. As a result we also have many international and local well-known clients who depend on us, such as BMW, Defy, ESKOM, General Motors, Sasol , Whirlpool etc. to name just a few.

Please contact us to see how we can help you with your vacuum, leak testing, appliance or automotive production line needs.