Reliable Vacuum Repairs and Leak Detection, Gaborone South Africa

We are the leader in our industry. You can rely on us for quality leak detectors, vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum fittings, and vacuum valves. Other than offering genuine and quality appliances from leading brands across the world, we also offer professional repair and maintenance services. If your vacuum pump is faulty, all you have to do is inform us, and we will gladly assist you.

We have been in business for more than ten years. We have helped many clients and businesses meet their needs. You too should join the list of happy beneficiaries of our products. We have collaborated with leading appliance suppliers from across the world. Our partners include Inficon Liechtenstein, DVP Vacuum Technology of Italy, Inficon USA, Agramkow Fluid Systems, and Inficon Germany, among others. We also offer spare parts from the leading spare parts supplier Precision Plus Vacuum Parts of the USA, the leading manufacturer of spare parts for vacuum pumps in the world.

You can count on us to offer a wide range of solutions, including production line solutions, leak detectors, and service tools. Our service tools include Carbon Monoxide Meters, Refrigerant Recovery Machines, and Handheld Refrigerant Leak Detectors, among others.

We offer on-site maintenance and repair services. If you need vacuum pump repair services, for instance, our experts will be willing to come to you. We are always improving our services to meet the changing needs of our customers. The best thing is that as good as our services are, they are still very affordable and competitive. Compared to other service providers in Gaborone South Africa, we are the market leaders.

Give us a chance to transform your business using our reliable appliances. Do not forget to take advantage of our experts who are just a phone call away.