Experienced Vacuum Repairs and Leak Detection Johannesburg, South Africa

Vacuquip is a market leader in supplying a wide range of appliances, maintenance services, and repair services in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We have partnered with renowned brands across the world, including Agramkow Fluid Systems. You can rely on us for your production line solutions. Our product line solutions feature electrical safety testers, cooling system filling equipment, and software-based quality control and data mining packages. You can also rely on us for Refrigerant charging and recovery equipment. We have served many businesses across Johannesburg, South Africa, and they are all happy with our services.

You can count on us for all types of leak detectors applicable in diverse applications and industries. Our range of leak detectors includes Helium Sniffer, Hydrogen Sniffer, and Refrigerant Sniffer leak detectors. We also offer Helium Vacuum Leak Detectors, Tracer Gas Fillers, Accumulation Leak Detectors, and Leak Detectors for System Integration. Soon, we will start offering Natural Gas Leak Detectors in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are proud to be the sole agents for Inficon Germany, in South Africa.

In South Africa, Vacuquip Solutions serve as the sole agent for DVP Vacuum Technology of Italy. DVP Vacuum Technology is a leading manufacturer of superior vacuum pumps & accessories. We offer a wide range of vacuum pumps, including Oil Lubricated Vane Pumps, Oil Sealed Rotary, and Oil Free Rotary vane pumps. You can rely on us for all your vacuum spares needs. We are a proud partner with Precision plus Vacuum Parts of the United States.

Even if we are a market leader in Johannesburg, South Africa, we do not overprice our products and repair and maintenance services. With a manageable budget, you will get the best quality vacuum pumps, leak detectors, vacuum pump spare parts, and any other appliance within our product offerings.

We have assisted many businesses across South Africa to get the best appliances and spare parts. You too can join the list of satisfied business operators.